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Problem with Edit Data was created by lshusch
Thank you for developing a very useful component and making a version available for free download. I have been using the component for several years. Last year, I reinstalled Joomla (version 3.8.3 current version) as the original installation was degraded. I then reinstalled JooDatabase and was able to transfer the 2 original databases on 26 October 2017. I cannot remember if I upgraded to version 3.6.3 before or after the latter transfer. Those 2 databases worked perfectly.
Earlier this month I constructed 2 more databases. Everything works very good except for the Edit Data feature. I get the following message on both of these new databases when I click on the Edit Data link:

An error has occurred.
1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'Index DESC LIMIT 0, 20' at line 1

I am able to enter a new item from the front end.

My website is on an Apache server. I believe that the version of the MySQL program is 5.6.32-78.1. I used phpMyAdmin to load the data for these 2 new databases.

I have spent 2 days looking on your website for any similar situations and have found 8 references with a couple of similar problems with Edit Data link but there have been no responses.

Again, thank you,


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