2021 Dec - version 3.11

  • Bug fixes (and depricates fixes)

2020 Dec - version 3.10

  • possibilitiy to show first catalog page with search box only without results

2019 Dec - version 3.9.9

  • Fixes a javascript import bug
  • The IFIS command parses multiple and/or conditions now (see documentation)
  • French language added (Thanks to innovcoop france)

2019 Jun - version 3.9.5

  • New import library (PHPSpreadsheet instead of outdated PHPExel)
  • Import creates optimized tables with correct field length
  • Fix of some back-end inconsistency's
  • Export outputs sub-template titles into Spreadsheets and creates xsls documents now
  • Split of JOODB.CSS and ICONS.CSS
  • Some changes in field output and field linking

2018 Nov - version 3.9 / 3.9.1

  • Changes in formfield handling
  • Added email, password, yesno and radio enum fields (see here)
  • Fix of nested ifis endif contruction failure
  • Changes in main JOODB.CSS
  • Minor change in Search handling and user stat processing

2018 Aug - version 3.8

  • Joodb 3.8 ist not compatible with Joomla 2.5 anymore. And will not be updated on 2.5 Systems
  • Added ALIAS Special field for advanced SEF Routing without ID
  • Template generation and CSS improvements
  • Changes in catalogue search
  • Massive remove of deprecated code to make JooDB Joomla 4 compatible in future

2018 Feb - version 3.7

  • Fix for routing issues
  • Changes in catalogue search
  • Complete rewrite of central field output and field input
  • Joomla styleguide improvements

2017 May - version 3.6

  • Fix of several compatibility issues with joomla 3.7 and or php 7
  • Changes in the default joodb.css. Icon font added.
    If you want to keep your old styles you can move the old components/com_joodb/asstes/joodb.css from the assets folder to your template CSS folder
  • Several minor bugfixes in views and lanugage files

2016 Dec - version 3.5

  • Cache compatibility
  • Search form is now type POST
  • Select fields in edit context foor subtables

2016 Oct - version 3.2

  • Several minor bugfixes
  • Update PHP 7

2016 Jun - version 3.0.5

  • Several minor bugfixes
  • Update for the free version

2015 Dec - version 3.0.0

  • New command: subforms to output form fields for n:m relations in form-view.
  • Edit views Fields related to a secondary table will be automatically replaced by a select-list
  • Several minor bugfixes
  • Update for the free version

2015 April - version 2.9.5

  • New command: searchfield to search in a specific field only
  • Option to initially show the search form without any result
  • Minor bugfixes
  • Major update for the free version

2015 Feb - version 2.9

  • Changes in frontend rights management for editing
  • Changes in field output for decimal and float values
  • Update of the javascript to jquery
  • Minor bugfixes

2014 May - version 2.8

  • Some bugfixes for import and tablename encapsulation
  • Support/Changes for Joomla 3.3
  • New "translate" Function to use JText::_('') language translation in templates!
  • Delete function in front-end

2013 Dec - version 2.7.5

  • Correctd harmless but disturbing strict-php-format messages in php strict mode in front-and backend.
  • Fixed variable routing problems with Joomla 3 and enabled cache in frontend.
  • Changes with the automatic linking of URLs and Mailadresses in frontend.

2013 Sep - version 2.7

  • We changed the access control with the access levels to a more flexible system.
  • Existing database entries can be edited by normal users using the custom form template if they are assigned by user_id. See command EDITBUTTON in documentation.
  • The automatic display of an edit-icon at frontend was removed. Use editbutton instead.

2013 June - version 2.6

  • Support for Joomla 3.x, Joomla 1.5 is not supportet anymore, However you can download 2.5 at the license-manager
  • Partial rewrite of the backend forms
  • New built-in codemirror editor
  • Enhanced initial templates and changes at the joodb.css file. (If you want your joodb.css get updated copy joodb.css.system to joodb.css or remove joodb.css before update)

    2013 June - version 2.5

    • Minor Bugfixes
    • Plugins are working everywhere in the catalog-template to realise cutome search elements e.g.

      2013 April - version 2.4

      • New functions to link to article and article-edit view of an entry.
      • Minor changes on the edit view.
      • Changes on import function.

      2013 March - version 2.3

      • Rewrite of the spreadsheet-import-functions for big-table import.

      2013 Jan. 27. - version 2.2.3

      • Fixed error with default sorting in kaltalog since 2.2.2
      • The next and previous function to browse between entries should work with selections an sorted items now

      2013 Jan. 25. - version 2.2.2

      • Search in ALL database fields by default
      • Change of the access rights behaviour

      2013 Jan. 7. - version 2.2.1

      • Enhanced functions for blob fields
      • Minor bugfixes

      2012 Dez 29. - version 2.2

      • Plugin System for custom {joodb} commands
      • Command for next and previous-buttons (beta) to browse between single entries

      2012 Nov 24.- version 2.1

      • Added a frontend editing posibility for database entries. (Admin only/must be enabled separately)
      • Addes basic Support for BLOB types with file upload.
      • Fixes an escape bug with the search
      • Fixes line-height problems with the internal editor

      2012 Aug 2.- version 2.0.5

      • Added various condition values for {joodb ifis}. You can test fields for Greater then, Lower then, Not equal and so on.
      • Added a {joodb else} command.
      • Added an additional n:1 relation.
      • Fixes subtemplate-problem with Joomla 1.5

      2012 Jul 16.- version 2.0.3

      • A special field related to the Joomla User ID was added. If set, the ID of the current user is automatically inserted if a user submits a new database entry.
      • Fixed the problems storing long subtemplates

      2012 Jul 12. - version 2.0.2

      • Fixed display problems in some browsers using enum fields

      2012 Jun 27. - version 2.0.1

      • Fix for update problems with some domains

      2012 May 21. - version 2.0

      • First release of the Pro Version with Subtemplate functionality 

Pro becomes free for everyone


The JooDB version for Joomla 4 is now completely free without adds or any limitation. That means you get all the additional functions of Joodb 3pro.

  • multiple tables?
  • import from MS Excel?
  • parametric search?

We are currently working on a free 3.x version and a central git repository for issues e.g.