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Variables or for loop

3 years 5 days ago #6125 by Ian
Variables or for loop was created by Ian
Hi JDb,
I have an application where I have common database entries I'd like to group together. The number of common entries (number of rows) varies from one item to another.
One solution I thought of would be to use a "for loop" (or something like that), that could loop through those entries before moving onto the next group.
To do this I'd need to be able to create and increment a variable, such as i++. I tried embedding the code in a javascript block but the {joodb fieldname} entries cannot be read in them. I also looked at ifis{}, but I'd need to be able to increment the [value] field.

So, I expect this is a longshot, but might there be a way to create a "for loop" type structure inside the Catalog-Template view?

Thanks very much,

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