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Image Functions Request 10 years 11 months ago #206

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1. Id like to see image upload (with resize, watermark :)) ability on the add record form. Unlimited or up to 4 images. For multiple images slot1 would be the catalog view default or each record would have to have "default image number" select.
2. Gallery view on the view record would be nice in addition. So one image loads at specified size the rest are thumb images. On mouse over the image swaps.
3. Edit option (as already mentioned) maybe rather then a edit button in print just a Edit menu option can be added "Edit View Menu Option" ... List records as it currently does but have the componant add a edit button next to each record. This could open the edit record detail with save back to the edit list view.

Thanks... great comp, very useful for me and more so with the above options and if there is a way to achive the above sorry Im just now digging in to this comp and if you could please pass on info to me that would be great.

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