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TOPIC: GroupSelect function drop downbox issue..?

GroupSelect function drop downbox issue..? 4 years 8 months ago #1777

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Thanks for your great product, I use it all of the the time and it improves with each release.

Simple question I think.

In the pro version are we able to create the group select function using 'Drop Down Boxes' form items rather than the 'Select Boxes' that are used on the MICREL site?

i.e without 'multiple="MULTIPLE"'

It seems that the connections are broken in your showcase
That is the totals do not update when the first option is selected.

Paul L
01277 889657

PS I need
01 <h3>Search electronic components</h3>
02 <table>
03 <tbody>
04 <tr>
05 <td>{joodb groupselect|voltage|0}</td>
06 <td>{joodb groupselect|resistance|0}</td>
07 <td>{joodb groupselect|price|0}</td>
08 <td>{joodb groupselect|in_stock|0}</td>
09 </tr>
10 </tbody>
11 </table>
01 <h3>Search electronic components</h3>
02 <table>
03 <tbody>
04 <tr>
05 <td>{joodb groupselect|voltage|5}</td>
06 <td>{joodb groupselect|resistance|5}</td>
07 <td>{joodb groupselect|price|5}</td>
08 <td>{joodb groupselect|in_stock|5}</td>
09 </tr>
10 </tbody>
11 </table>
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