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{joodb searchfield|FIELDNAME|[cond]} »pro only«

searchfield is part of the catalog search options. With searchfield you can search in a specific collumn only. You can also combine multiple searchfields for complex searchforms.


  • FIELDNAME - Name of a field in your database
  • cond (optional) - The search condition
    Valid conditions are
    • like (default)  - Match any coincidence
    • exact - Fieldcontent must match 
    • min - Fielvalue is higher or equal (e.G. find all Products more expensive then 4 $)
    • max - Fielvalue is lower or equal
    • start - Fieldcontent starts with (e.G. find entries with date 2014 but not from 2015)
    • end - Fieldcontent ends with


Search by field

{joodb searchfield|title} {joodb searchfield|author} {joodb searchfield|genre|exact}

Search for values in different fields


  • If you have multiple searchfield the terms are combined by AND.
  • With the fieldlist parameter of searchbox you can outut a select list with fields to search in.
  • You can combine min and max with the same field to find all entries within a range of these two values.

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